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Pathway Home Program

Introducing the Pathway Home Program from Family Promise of Southwest New Jersey.  The Pathway Home Program provides opportunities to build stronger relationships within your community.  Family Promise works with local towns and religious organizations that have vacant properties at their disposal.  Properties typically need minor renovations to make them move-in ready for families.  Churches of all denominations have seen a steady decrease in membership, and were severely impacted by the pandemic.  Many churches are struggling financially to allocate the necessary resources to make minor repairs to their vacant properties.

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The Pathway Home Program provides an affordable solution to restore vacant properties and make them available to homeless families.  Additionally the program provides volunteer opportunities to parish communities to assist with repairs and upkeep as well as opportunities to directly help families with food, clothing and social engagement. 


Family Promise works with low-mid income working families who are experiencing housing insecurities.  Our main criteria are that the family unit must consist of at least one child under the age of 18, and that parents must have a source of revenue that will enable them to secure permanent housing within 3 months.  We thoroughly screen our program candidates, focusing on keeping the family together, including fathers.  Most shelter programs admit only women and children, leaving the father to seek shelter elsewhere.  Our families are all hard-working, everyday families who need a little help from our organization to get back on their feet.  Our Pathway Home Program  provides families with a safe, secure living environment.  Our case manager works closely with each family to address all social service needs, including but not limited to financial literacy training, job search assistance, connections to community resources, and assistance finding permanent housing including funding for security deposit and first month's rent.

We expect that 85% of families served to successfully complete the program and move into permanent housing within a three-to-six month time period.  90%of those families will maintain permanent housing during the 1-2 year follow up period.

If your congregation has a vacant property that could provide a loving home to a family in need, please contact Family Promise of Southwest New Jersey!  We will provide details of other locations where our programs are demonstrating successful results, and we can answer any questions you may have regarding our program.

Contact Family Promise today to find out more: 856-243-5971

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